How was the Poker Business Chip developed?

I am constantly looking for ways to market my business. I do all the things sales people do - I read / watch / attend / network / learn / mentor / cold call / advertise / direct mail etc. etc. etc - everything.

I watch business trends all the time. One of the fastest rising trends is the popularity of Poker. So I mixed business and the poker craze.

I purchased some poker chips and some stickers and made a prototype Poker Business Chip. It was a low quality chip with a homemade sticker that had my business information on it. I started getting the Poker Business Chip into the hands of my current clients. 

The response was overwhelming. People loved them. They showed them to their friends and I got a couple of referrals from the 'buzz' they were starting to create. I contacted my clients a month later and asked if they still had the Poker Business Chip. They all responded YES. I knew I was onto something.

So I decided to take the Poker Business Chip into the market. I put a small stack of Poker Business Chips in my hand while waiting in line at a store or restaurant. I clicked the chips against each other and soon, someone around me would ask about the chips. 

Presto! Instant chance to tell someone about my business.

Then, it even got better. While waiting at the counter to order a custom window at Home Depot, the clerk asked what I had in my hand. I gave hiim a pair of Poker Business Chips and said, 'This is my new business card.' He was fascinated with the Poker Business Chip and asked if he could keep them. Then he asked me about my business. We visited for a minute and I made a sale. 

In 34 years of sales, I have never been able to make a sale like that. I knew the Poker Business Chip was the reason. I started giving them out all over town.

People love the Poker Business Chip. I have to give every prospect 2 chips because they show them to friends, but don't want to give their only one away. I tell the prospect, 'here are two of my new business cards. One for you and one to give away.'

I have tried tons of other remembrance items and none of them have been received and retained like the Poker Business Chip.