What Makes the Perfect Poker Chip Business Card?

Of first importance is QUALITY artwork. When it comes to images, generally, bigger is better. A 4k-file size .jpg taken from Google isn't going to produce a quality Poker Business Chip - even if we use our $50,000 printer -- it just won't happen.

Try and send us the HIGHEST RESOLUTION images in approximately the same size we will print -- 2 inches in diameter is a good rule of thumb.

If the original image size was 8 inches x 11 inches -- and we shrink it down to 1.5 inches -- A LOT is lost. Just try and keep artwork proportionate to the size it will be printed at. 

Remember, a circle will be made around your artwork from the middle. Anything OUTSIDE the circle will not be printed.

Also, keep text AWAY from the image border -- remember we have to print AND cut the image -- and if text is RIGHT against where we cut -- part of the text CAN be lost.

When in doubt -- send the image to us. We ill always give you guidance and support at no additional cost to you.

And, if it doesn't look right -- we will NOT print it and send you a poor quality Poker Business Chip.

If you do not know to do the graphic design -- consider letting out in-house artist design your chip. Considering the impace these will have on your business, spending another $35.00 - $75.00 is well worth it.