Why Buy from PokerBusinessChip.com?

Other custom poker chip sites create gaming chips for home and tournament play. At PokerBusinessChip.com, we design your custom poker chip business card on the highest grade poker chips available. 

We have professional graphic designers create the look you want. We are helping you build a memorable tool to create success in your business, and we take pride in our role.

Why such a focus on quality? Jack Jewell, inventor of the idea, began a search for his own poker chips, remembering the wooden nickel success of his childhood. However, the products available on the open market just didn't convey the message he wanted. 

"I tried various 'custom' products and found the reasonably priced chips have inferior printing and an overall cheap look - not the image I wanted to create for my business. I tried custom printers for blank chips and the stickers peeled off the chip or the message rubbed off the sticker. I tried hot stamp chips, but there wasn't enough room for a real business message on the chip. I tried novelty shops and wooden nickel blanks - but the result was always a cheap homemade look.

The only alternative seemed to be custom chips that were over $1.25 each. That was too expensive to distribute aggressively. So, I kept looking.

Finally, after numerous bad prototypes, I was able to find an 11.5-gram ABS composite 8-stripe chip with a 1.238-inch laminated inlay circle for the advertising message. The dimeter of the inlay was 25% bigger than the standard chip area and the laminate gives the chip a polished stamped look. The chip has the look of the more expensive custom chips at a much more reasonable price.

I started using the Poker Business Chip immediately and improved sales followed. As my marketing success continued, sales people started asking me where they could ge the Poker Business Chip. So I started helping others get the Poker Business Chips and now they are available to you."